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Why Choosing GoPro Accessories Can Give You Wrinkles.

With so many accessories on the market buying a full arsenal of accessories will make you squint at the price! And you can be damn sure that by the time you’ve bought everything you need all that squinting is going to leave some serious wrinkles; that’s not going to look good on video.

So how do you get everything you need and reduce the wrinkles?

Being extremely selective about original GoPro mounts is one way to go; the other way is selecting the cream of the Aftermarket bundles from specialized GoPro Accessory manufacturers. Aftermarket GoPro Accessory Bundles can now offer great value and quality that easily matches that of the original GoPro items. Find a manufacture like Drilake who give you an excellent service dispatched straight to your door from their Partners on, and a fantastic no-nonsense Money Back Guarantee.

So lets look at the GoPro mounts that everyone should have in your arsenal.


1. Pole

Pointing your GoPro the direction you’re going is great, but pointing in the the same direction with numerous perspectives is infinitely more interesting and a hell of a lot more fun.

Being able to shot over your shoulder so you and friends are included in the frame, pushing the GoPro down low to give a appearance of greater speed, or just doing a straight forward “mega-selfie” to get everyone in is pretty much where it’s at.

Realistically even paying $25 can get you a shiny pole that may end up in the trash, so aim for somewhere around $40 and you’ll get something that will run the course. Prices can go up to almost $100 for ones with integrated USB charging cables, but given the high quality around the $40 mark unless you specifically have a need to carry charging packs and cables whilst out we don’t see a need to go higher.

GoPro Pole Mega Selfie

So grab yourself a pole, but not just any pole! You need one that’s going to take the stick (pardon the pun) that you’re going to give it. Many, many GoPro poles end up in the trash for a number of reason, mostly because they’re too weak, prone to snapping or not able to hold the camera without bouncing or spinning. Nice slide-out telescopic shiny chrome ones are generally non-starters in our experience; the tubing is usually narrow gauge making them bouncy and unstable and there is no locking mechanism meaning they swivel and slide.

Get one with a good solid gauge tubing, a secure locking mechanism, and if possible inter-changeable heads. Today your using a GoPro, but tomorrow you may want to use it as a mono-pod for your DSLR, so if your going to put some extra cash in best make it multi-functional.

Get one with a good hard wearing grippy handle too. The smaller ones are more like handbag selfie sticks, and we’re big kids now, doing big things, with big hands and often big gloves. Get a big grip that won’t let you down and won’t wear out quickly. Beware of some foam handles which may tear, and good ones will always have a lanyard.


2. Chest Mount

GoPro Chest Mount The GoPro Chest Mount gives superb POV, first person film of just about any activity. No need to give you a list of things it works for, but from throwing Frisbee to Demolition Derby you get a hands on experience. Often better and more stable than helmet mounts (depending on positioning), this is a mount for everyone; even Pops can walk his dog with it…

The only drawback here is the original GoPro pricing. Often seen hovering around the $50 mark, you have to start questioning whether there’s a a more realistically priced option. Thing is you can get a bundle that includes the Chest Harness for that price, or even half that price. In the case of the Drilake Essential Accessory Kit it’s well under that price point, and if you buy with friends Riders Retail will often give another bulk discount on top, so you really can’t lose. Even Amazons Top Reviewers agree on this one!


3. Head Strap

We don’t always want to wear a helmet, and we don’t all wear helmets. So filming match play for volley ball team training or your daughter’s baking disasters in the kitchen beg for this mount.

It can be worn over a helmet if you don’t want to stick adhesive pads on your beloved custom lid, and it’ll give you ridiculously awesome hair that you can photos of once you take it off.

The smaller elastic lengths and high adjustable buckles on these make it possible to wrap them around items such as railings, seat backs or dogs (!) so don’t miss out. Whether your an Extreme runner or a Sunday Jogger, bottom line, get one and get out there.


4. Suction Cup

GoPro pole fantastic rainbowRoad trips, restaurant mayhem, or just office spy, the suction cup is your best friend. We all love the madness of extreme GoPro videos, but in real life we tend to string our vacation clips together with everything from the several hour snoring in the car to badly behaved adolescent having a burger fight at the drive-in.

Sticking a suction cup in the kitchen to film a dogs-life can give as much pleasure as dropping it on your Sports bike and catching the clock speed during a track day. Big isn’t always beautiful and getting a smaller one can sometimes allow them to sit on items that have a limited surface area.

There’s a number of different operating lever styles out there so be sure to find one where the mounting base and the locking lever don’t interfere with each other.


5. Grab Bag

Awesome, you’ve got some quality mounts, but a little tweaking is needed. Stability of your video requires a solid base that sits well on whatever it’s attached to, but that doesn’t always mean that the GoPro is pointing exactly where you want it to.

That’s where the Grab Bag comes in! With a good selection of long and short extensions, a few adhesive bases, some extra thumbscrews, a J-Hook and Security Tether, you’re pretty much set up for the majority of situations.

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