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WASPcam Fast Lap featuring MMRS MX Madoc, Ontario

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The ‘WASPcam Fast Lap’ video series showcases a POV lap from any type of race course. In this video, follow along with racer Lindsey Bradley as she takes us around the MMRS Motocross Track in Madoc, Ontario.

Got a ‘Fast Lap’ video to share? Please upload it to with hashtag #waspcamfastlap.




WASPcam: Walton Hot Lap with … Hailey Larson

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Honda’s Hailey Larson becomes the first MX racer to holeshot and win while wearing a WASPcam! Larson pulled off this feat during the 2013 Walton TransCan, where she won her first TransCan National Amateur Championship. Congrats, Hailey, and thanks for supporting WASPcam!


WASPcam: How to import files from camera to computer (Mac)

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In less than two minutes, we show you how easy it is to transfer video and photo files from your WASPcam action sports camera to a computer (a Mac in this case).

Please note you will find 3 different file types on the camera’s storage or Micro SD Card:

– One is the FULL high resolution video file
– The second is a low res version for use on phones and sharing from the WASPcam app (uses thm in file name)
– THM preview file (preview file for use on phones and app)

Learn more:


WASPcam action-sports camera: Extending Pole Mount now available!

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An introduction to WASPcam’s new Extending Pole Mount. A must-have accessory for serious action-cam shooters. Pole extends from 12″ to 30″. Includes handle-grip, wrist remote holder and lightweight aluminum construction.

Compatible with WASPcam and GoPro cameras/ mounts. (WASPcam cameras do require #9935/ 9972 ‘GoPro adaptors’ to fit with Extending Pole Mount.)

Find a WASPcam retailer near you:

#proveit on WASPcam!


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