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WASPcam Pyro Truck

While at St Thomas WASPcam got the chance to put some camera on the well known Pyro jet truck. This truck puts out 12,000hp and 6,000lbs of thrust and is capable of speeds of 300mph, this truck definitely Proves-It.


WASPcam At St Thomas Speedway

Waspcam was at the RPM Magazine War In The North this weekend for a weekend of high octant fuel and lots of fast cars from the north to go out and see who could put down the fastest quarter mile time on the track. This video shows a few cars that went out and proved it this past weekend.


WASPcam: FAST LAP MMRS Cochrane’s Motocross with Cody Johnson

We take a lap around the MMRS Cochrane’s motocross track during a race with young Yamaha racer, Cody Johnson. Listen to him as he screams his way around the track on his YZ250 two-stroke.

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WASPcam 9900/9901 action sports camera: Low light video examples

Here are some early morning, low light video examples recorded by a WASPcam 9900/9901 action-sports camera. Captured in 1080p30 HD video quality.

Takes place between 645am and 830am EST. Eastern, Ontario, Canada.

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