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The iON Camera crew worked extensively with owner/pilot, Pete “Zack” Zaccagnino, of the High Performance Aircraft Racing Team (HPAR) at the Reno Air Races in Nevada to bring you insight into the world’s fastest motor-sports race. Imagine flying 520 miles per hour, 50 feet above the desert, a few feet away from your competition with no room for error. iON is proud to announce that Pete with the HPAR Team, won the title of the world’s fastest pilot by winning the Gold Jet Class division at the 50th Anniversary of the Reno Air Races.

All aerial footage shot on iON Cameras.

WINNING Jet Specs:
Super L-29 Jet
1967 Eastern Bloc fighter trainer
This is a highly modified version of the original Jet trainer.
Engine has been replaced with a Pratt and Whitney JT-12 adding a significant amount of thrust and reducing the overall weight by 700 Pounds!
All Metal
Top Speed racing over 540 mph

High Performance Air Racing Special Thanks:
iON Cameras
HPAR Team of unprecedented volunteers that make this happen
Laura Reiser
Larry Cohen
Chainsaw Productions
All of the folks that endured the 5 slow years since our last win!
Ultimate Aviation

Produced by Chainsaw Productions:
Brad Holmes
Waide Hoyt
Kenny Hill
Travis Robb