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360° TUBING DOWN RIVER 360Fly 4K | VR 360 Video

Buy a 360Fly 4k here: (affilate link)
Today we are going tubing down river with the 360 Camera!
The 360 Fly is a pretty cool camera that can see 360 around, and 240 up and down. That’s why when you look down, you see the black circle. Drag your mouse around, tilt your phone to explore the video. Tell us what you think! What do you want to see us film in 360?
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360Fly 4K VR Camera Unboxing

360Fly 4K Camera

ProPole – Painter’s Pole Adapter

RetiCAM® Selfie Stick Monopod

“At the heart of the 360fly 4K is a powerful new 16-megapixel image sensor that increases resolution to 2880×2880 pixels – with no seaming or stitching. 360fly 4K is water resistant to 1 ATM, dustproof, shockproof and has a non-slip/soft-touch coating. New features include Motion/Audio Activate, Time-Lapse Mode, First-Person POV Mode, built-in gyroscope, non-assisted GPS, 64 GB internal memory, and full 360° Live Stream via the free Livit mobile app.”

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*I purchased all the items shown in this video. Yes, including the Fisher Price Schoolhouse.


360FLY 4K Review and Thoughts

360FLY 4k from Amazon –
Original 360Fly from Amazon –

More our overall thoughts of the 360Fly4K rather than a detail review. The 360Fly4K is definitely aiming at the Action Cam market which is a different market to the other 360 cameras (e.g. Samsung Gear 360).

Check out what we think about the 360Fly4K and whether we think it’s a worthwhile upgrade and contender in the 360 camera market.

More in depth look at the 360Fly4k coming soon as well as direct comparison to other 360 cameras on the market.


How to fly with the 360fly – 4k camera review!

Hey Guys,
Welcome back to a brand new video. How to fly with the 360fly and today we are going to be doing a review. I have recently gotten a new 360 fly camera. So without messing around lets jump right into it!!!! Also sorry about the recent random re-uploads of music videos, despite of what you guys think about me just wanting to make more money which by the way so for i have made a little under one dollar so if i was really in this for the money i would have quit by now. anyways I just wanted to say that.

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Please check this out!: “Lumix g7 mirrorless 4k camera review + testing”



Camera 360 FLY teste de produtos, adquirimos uma camera 360 aqui para o nosso canal para trazer vídeo 360 e também foto 360 , após muita pesquisa optamos pelo modelo 360FLY 4K que mostrou ser uma câmera para fotos 360 e videos 360 com qualidade máxima de 4K, além de um formato interessante e com muitas opções de acessórios e custa aproximadamente US$500,00 na Best Buy.
Muitas pessoas estão entrando em contato com esta tecnologia agora e querem saber como gravar 360 e como fazer vídeo 360. Realmente as imagens tanto foto quanto vídeo são muito legais e essa nova tecnologia veio para ficar.
Neste vídeo iremos comentar algumas das características dessa câmera 360fly além dos pontos positivos e negativos que encontramos durante sua utilização nas últimas semanas.
Fazer imagens 360 HD e 360 4K nunca foi tão fácil e de certa forma intuitivo com esta câmera e seu aplicativo, a 360FLY CAMERA é uma das melhores opções no mercado de câmeras 360. Existem dois modelos da câmera FLY 360 em questão , a mudança seria na qualidade final das imagens. O Nosso modelo é a 360FLY CAMERA 4K que possui resolução de vídeo máxima de 4K como esta em seu próprio nome. Existe também a versão mais simples e barata da câmera FLY 360 mas com resolução apenas HD (1920×1080) e este modelo é a 360FLY HD.
Conversando com várias pessoas da área, optamos pela FLY 360 4K justamente pela maior resolução de sua imagem que permite um melhor trabalho para imagens profissionais.
Não deixe de assistir ao nosso video por completo para saber todos os detalhes da câmera 360 e também não deixe de assistir ao vídeo do OPEN BOX 360FLY que você encontra neste LINK:

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360fly 1440s Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco , California

Interested in the 360fly 4k? Use this link to view the camera and purchase from Please use our link so that we can provide you more videos in the near future. Thanks for Watching!!

This video was uploaded at 1440s due to an export error. See full 4k video here Thank You.

Using the new 360fly 4k cam We take you on a quick drive over the Golden Gate Bridge on Memorial Day 2016 from the Marin County side into the city.
Karl the fog is starting to creep in. by the time we crossed and circled around to stop at the vista point near bakers beach karl had already covered the bridge.

Music provided by Adam Trujillo of Swerve Productions under license to Strangernotdanger Productions
Track is untitled.

Please contact us for verification of license for authorization of music track.

Enjoy and if you have any questions about the Golden Gate Bridge or the 360 fly cam please post them in the comments

Thanks for Watching

Strangernotdanger Productions


360Fly: Action-Cam mit Rundum-Blick im Test

Bricht mit der 360Fly ein neues Zeitalter für Action-Cams an? Wie gut die 360-Grad-Videos der kleinen Kugel sind, hat COMPUTER BILD ausprobiert.


360 Degree Helmet Camera Test Clip 1 of 3 – Chin Mount 360fly

I just bought a seriously cool camera for some 360* Motovlogs!
**Use the Keys / arrows up the top left to move the camera.
This demo clip shows me testing a Custom made Chin Mount.

Camera Details:
360Fly camera – Raw Clip 356MB 2560×1280 @ 29.97fps
Audio could be cleaner, it cant handle the bikes loud Exhaust.
I can fix the audio by modifying the audio port myself.

2nd Channel:


Bike 1: 2015 Yamaha MT09
Bike 2: 2015 Honda Grom
Bike 3: Honda Crf450r
Bike 4: 1981 Honda Motocompo
Bike 5: 2015 Braaap SS125
Bike 6: Stealth Bomber – Sold

Placing Any CopyRight Claim On my Videos Without Contacting me Will result In a “Automatic YouTube Counter CopyRight”

PS.. sorry alex, i was angry at the world for how hot that day was!


Waimea Bay Cliff Jump – 360Fly 4K First Water Test

Just some new raw footage from my 360-FLY 4K camera to use for testing. Still getting used to how to hold it etc.. Aside from the camera testing, the jumping was super fun!

If you are a tourist, or local on Oahu in Hawaii, it’s a must to try. I’m 6’2 and 235lbs and I just barely hit the bottom after doing gainers. If I actually try not to hit the bottom, I don’t come close.

Anyhow, enjoy it for what it is. Just another internet dudes home video of something that looks/is fun! Mahalo!


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