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Very exciting times here for all you Insta360 ONE R fans as a THIRD huge update was just released with loads of awesome, new features 🤩 So allow me, Hannah, to give you the lowdown on all the best this update has to offer. The highlights include PureShot – an AI-powered ‘single shot HDR’, Improved MP4 Workflow, AquaVision – a new underwater mode, Webcam Mode, Live Streaming and much more. All these updates really do make ONE R feel like a brand new camera! So have a watch of this video, then get to exploring your new camera! 👍

* One R is only compatible with 1st & 2nd generation AirPods.

Insta360 ONE R – Yet Another Massive Update, https://youtu.be/9wDJJHOGIGw
Learn more about the update here: https://blog.insta360.com/one-r-massive-update/

0:00 Intro
0:54 PureShot
1:59 Increased Bitrate
2:10 Color Optimization
2:20 Vivid Mode
2:39 AquaVision
3:19 Webcam Mode
3:50 Improved Noise Reduction
4:18 AirPod Compatibility
4:31 Improved MP4 Workflow
4:56 Basic/Pro Stabilization
5:18 Final Cut Pro X Plugin
5:32 360 Live Streaming

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