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【Screen & Lens Protector】The hero 8 accessory kit come with 4 packs screen and lens protective tempered glass film, protect your camera screen and lens from scratch or any unexpected damage.

【Waterproof Housing Case】 This hero 8 waterproof housing is easy to install. Updated lens size design, It’s no need to remove cover lens before camera is put into the Gopro hero 8 waterproof housing, this design protects your camera lens better.

【3 Pack Diving Filters】The filters can be easily snap on and off by waterproof housing case for GoPro hero 8. LIGHT RED filter for snorkel depth water 2-15 feet and color correction in blue water or clear freshwater. RED FILTERD for scuba and free dive depth water 15-85 feet and color correction in blue water or tropical seawater. MAGENTA FILTER for depth water 7-70 feet and color correction in freshwater appearing green at more than 7 feet.

【12 Pcs Anti-fog Insert】Prevent camera lens fog in cold and humid environments inside the GoPro housing. It is Compatible with all GoPro camera, other cameras and housing systems.

【Shockproof Carrying Travel Case】The foam inside is to secure accessories and prevent from bumping, the net on the cover could storage some small accessories like lens cap and film or cables, a useful case for your convenience.

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