Adobe Premiere Elements Version Tested: 11

Versions Available: 11, 12, 13

Before we talk about the qualities of Version 11 of Adobe Premiere Elements, we’ll let you know that there is no 4k or 3D support in this product. We don’t think this should put you off as many computers can’t hack 4K either when it comes to processing the raw video, so unless 4k at 15fps gets you uncontrollably excited this may not be a big issue for the next few years.

Adobe Premiere Elements Version 11 appears to have upped it’s game after bumping along for a while. More attention has been paid to what Adobe may have been considering a lower priority to it’s big brother, Premiere Pro. The somewhat unresponsive interface of previous versions now sees excellent preview quality giving smoother playbacks, which improves the whole user experience. Unless you start getting heavy on the overlays you should be happy with the speed of the workflow.



Interface and Workflow

With a cleaner all-round look than previous versions of Adobe Premiere Elements, the access to major functions such as transitions, effects, and color-correction filters is straight forward. That said, dealing with some of the parameters once inside can be more difficult to get a handle on. Some of the default behaviors could have been better thought out, like the dissolve when overlapping clips which seems to cut frames. Maybe altering the set-up preferences will sort this out, but nevertheless a dissolve is still a staple operation.

The fact that this filters down from a larger set of tools (Creative Cloud) is evident when looking at the integration with it’s brother Photoshop Elements. If you are looking to advance, or already have, this has a creative advantage over some of the other suites. It could also be good training for jumping the fence into the professional suites like the Creative Cloud itself, so challenging yourself a little to get to grips with it may well pay off.

the Film Looks library will appeal to those wanting to get that real film feeling from compiled effects giving cinema like colors, without all the hassle of figuring it out for themselves. Working in either Quick or Expert will

We would recommend Premiere Elements for anybody looking to progress whilst still having the option of throwing something out quickly when required.



On the whole this product performs as it should. It doesn’t make the presumptuous claim of ‘Pro’ as some of the competitors do, and leaves this job to it stable-mate Premiere Pro. This means that it’s performance is well and truly within the Consumer market standards and the amateur user has more that enough to go at. The Instant Movie feature may automatically remove the dross from some one your less watchable GoPro footage which could be a bonus for those not wanting to scrub through ten hours of film looking for the best bits.



  • Affordable platform with some of it’s big brothers benefits.
  • Cleaned up interface.
  • Good Multi-layering, especially with stills, offers progressive tool.


  • No 4k support.
  • Snapping and overlapping clips seems…different.

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