What’s the D-GUYZ Story?

D-GUYZ was created some years ago by a group of mountain biker friends from the East of France. We are a “Riders Collective ” with all levels of rider.

Our philosophy: sport, nature, pleasure and Ride of course !

We practice extreme sport but essentially MTB Downhill, Freeride, Enduro and more recently Snowscoot!

This year we have some sponsors, our principal one being “Bikelab” MTB mechanics and suspension specialists, and “Custom Racing” who make our shirts.

This season we proposing some co-operative contracts for the development of our Team with the brand Transition. Year by year D-GUYZ have grown and try to become bigger every season.

Next season we’ll be proposing a new cooperatives, for bikes and clothing, with new riders and new partners to aid the best riders in our region.

Spirit of the D-GUYZ?

The founders of the collective are huge fans of MTB and communication graphics (photos, videos, clothing creations…)

But how to remain stylish when you get off your bike???

D-GUYZ found the solution in it’s streetwear collection!

Our brand is still in it’s infancy, but beware; we’re working on this in every season…before, during and after our mtb session!

The D-GUYZ brand sponsored four riders this year to give hem a leg up, and in return they produced some great photo and editing opportunities; Alexis Collart (1 of the 4) making some quality video this year.

The youngest of the riders, Antoine Ringenbach, aka “Teen Talent” produced somme great work this season (http://www.zapiks.fr/teen-talent.html), and in this video he hooked a freeride back flip…at only 13!

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