Emirates Team New Zealand is the first partner to deploy the TomTom Bandit Action Camera Software Development Kit (SDK), to improve their training for the America’s Cup taking place in June 2017. The action data recorded in their training videos and the ability to easily edit footage allows for faster training feedback, with enhanced data from TomTom Bandit including speed, acceleration and heart-rate.*

Developers can now start building upon the Camera Media Server API which includes a live viewfinder, video manipulation, file management, transcoding capabilities, and a lot more – all by connecting to TomTom Bandit. With accompanying libraries for both iOS and Android™, developers will be able to quickly integrate TomTom Bandit technology into their application and build great experiences using smart video recording.

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Find out more information about the TomTom Bandit SDK here:

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*via a separate chest strap accessory.


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