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✅【PROTECT YOUR GOPRO】No longer worry about losing your camera and all of its memories. Floatex will always keep your GoPro on the water’s surface and prevent it from sinking. This GoPro Floaty is made from a ultra-buoyant EVA foam that will protect and keep your GoPro afloat in the toughest conditions.

✅【SUPERIOR DESIGN】No need to block your GoPro’s LCD display. With the Floatex Floaty case you will continue to have access to your GoPro’s display, features, and settings at the touch of a button. You will always be able to view your shots so you’ll never miss the action.

✅【FLOATABLE & DETECTABLE】Floatex’s easy-to-spot Floaty case wraps around any GoPro 5 and GoPro 6 camera to keep it afloat and visible. Its vibrant orange color allows for increased visibility, and easy spotting & retrieval in water.

✅【HASSLE-FREE APPLICATION】Floatex is easy to apply, fits perfectly, and can be removed quickly. No need to stress over an adhesive Floaty falling off or an extensive backdoor that gets in the way. Only premium materials and expert design go into this “Best-In-Class” product.

✅【FUNCTIONS & WARRANTY】Floatex will work great paired with other mounts, bobbers, and buoyant poles (unlike the backdoor Floaty, which won’t give you full accessibility). Floatex Quality Assurance – We promise a hassle free 90 days warranty for any issue. 100% risk-free purchase. Contact our helpful customer support for assistance.

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