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How can a watch help elite runners like Ben True balance his training and get ready for a race? By knowing all about his performance, form and history. Forerunner 935 is like having a coach on your wrist. And that’s not a bad thing.

Find out more about the Forerunner 935 GPS watch here:

[http://bit.ly/2gOuNzS](http://bit.ly/2gOuNzS) #beatyesterday

– Offers advanced running and multisport features in a comfortable watch you can wear all day
– Outlasts your longest workouts with 24 hours of battery in full GPS mode or 50 hours in ultra mode
– Measures heart rate1 at the wrist so you can run freer on race day
– Provides advanced running dynamics2 to record ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more
– Turns every run or ride into a virtual competition with Strava Live Segments
– Evaluates your training status to indicate if you’re under or over-training and offers additional performance monitoring features

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