Harness every watt you’ve got. With Vector 3, the pedal-based power meter that shows how and where you’re producing power.

Find out more about the Vector 3 power meter here: http://bit.ly/garminvector3 #beatyesterday

• Provides pedal-based power measurements of advanced performance data that takes training to the next level
• Installs like any other pedal for easy transfers from one bike to another without bike-shop assistance
• Vector 3S (single power meter) measures total power and cadence and easily upgrades to dual-sensing system
• Vector 3 (two power meters) provides dual-sensing measurements of left-right balance and advanced cycling dynamics to show how and where you’re producing power
• Sleek design provides greater cornering clearance and improved stack height
• Battery life: up to 120 hours
• Fully integrates with the Garmin cycling ecosystem to allow easy updates via Garmin watches, Edge cycling computers or phone

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