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So What GoPro Camera Models Are Still Available?

GoPro Camera Models hero 3

If you’re puzzled by all the GoPro camera models on the market and can’t decide whether to go for the new GoPro 4 or get a bargain on previous models, here’s an older post covering some of those older models.

Hero 3+

Well its looks smaller! But that’s only the case. So why pay the extra money for the 3+, especially if I’m just upgrading?

There are a few features that could be interesting:

  • As if the “old” Black Edition wasn’t sharp enough, this one is claiming another 30% improvement, so for those of you that don’t need glasses or for those who wear extremely large glasses you’ll probably see the difference. For everyone between with consumer editing software, you may not be aware of the difference in the finished video.
  • Improved battery life. Yes, we heard lots of stories about battery life that could tempt the wallet out, but to be honest we’re pretty happy with the 1 hr 30 offer by a well maintained battery at the moment.
  • Increased WiFi range. Not an issue for a lot of Bikers and Boarders as the rider generally has the controls. The biggest issue for us would more likely be interference with the multitude of other WiFi equipment around us. We practically swim in the waves from all directions. This kind of thing is extremely environmental and something difficult to quantify.

Bottom line for us is…we wouldn’t update from a 3 Black to a 3+ black, but would certainly consider it if we were sporting a Silver or White, and your Christmas list had a hole in it. Or maybe scoop up an Original Black Edition at a bargain price whilst stocks last.

Mr GoPro, if you’re listening, we still think the original Black is capable of so much more, hence the 3+ and not the GoPro Hero 4. Please let us have a software upgrade and leave the “oh look! We simply must buy a new one” stuff to iPhone users. We might buy the smaller case though, that’s cute 😉



The GoPro HERO 3: Black Edition…

…is the top of the range GoPro camera model (whether you go + or not, it’s still Black, Silver, White). It is Wi-Fi enabled, and has a 12-mega-pixel image sensor with 2 x better low-light performance than the previous range. It has a 6-element wide angle aspherical lens and can support up to 4K resolution video. It can also capture 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p, 960p, 720p and 480p video up to an impressive 240 fps (depending on resolution) for high-speed action and impressive slow motion playback. The Black Edition includes the Wi-Fi Remote in the price.

It has a micro HDMI output, a microphone/composite video port, and a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB cards. Other features include video looping, Protune capabilities, manual white balance, and time-lapse recording. Impressively it also supports continuous photo shooting and burst photography at up to 30 fps. Picture in video is a feature which lets you simultaneously record video while shooting photos at 5, 10, 30 and 60 second intervals. A GoPro app is now available which facilitates live video preview and remote camera control via a smartphone or tablet.

Still can’t decide? Lets move to some other GoPro camera models.



GoPro Camera Models HERO 2 now updated and repackaged as the Silver Edition

The GoPro HERO 3: Silver Edition…

…which replaces the HD HERO 2, is a Wi-Fi enabled action camera with an 11-mega-pixel image sensor and a wide angle aspherical lens. Like its predecessor, the HD HERO 2, it also comes with a waterproof housing that can protect the camera to a depth rating of 197’ (60 m). It also captures up to Full HD 1920 x 1080p video at 30 fps, and supports several other recording resolutions and frame rates. Compatible with the LCD Touch BacPac, the Battery BacPac and the Wi-Fi Remote, it shares most of it’s brothers pedigree. The video looping, Protune capabilities, manual white balance, and time-lapse recording are also there, whilst the burst shooting is down to 10 fps.

The Silver Edition has most things that your TV resolution can cope with at the moment so it remains an excellent buy, and colors are well contrasted. Low light and rapid changes in light have always been the culprit of sudden drops in image quality and the HERO 3 range shows in remarkable step up in handling this issue. It’s worth noting that the lens of the Silver Edition still remains a step below the specification of the Black Edition. Check out the video here to see the differences between the HERO 3 Black Edition and the older HD HERO 2, especially with low light inside the tunnel. There is also a short version of this video, plus Parts 2 and 3 of the descent that can be found on our YouTube Channel or on the Team Videos page. The HERO 3 footage undoubtedly gives better detail, noticed particularly when looking directly at surfaces like snow, but the color can look a little drained. In reality this is a none issue as it can be dealt with in post-production, however we’ve purposely not treated any of the footage here with post-production filters or changes in back-light so that you can see the raw difference.



The GoPro HERO 3: White Edition…

…an updated original HD HERO, has nothing on its spec to be embarrassed about and with a significant cost difference to its Silver and Black brothers, it can still deliver 1080 HD quality results. Smaller, lighter than the original and now equipped with the new lens to reduce distortion you’re getting a good all round deal if your budget won’t stretch further. If you become a demi-god when it comes to killer angles and awesome editing, the audience may be too involved with the video to notice differences in quality, and certainly for some web-based applications the resolution is sufficient.

If you want eat dry bread for a few months so you can save up enough to enjoy the top spec GoPro HERO 3: Black Edition, then dry bread it is.Otherwise, buying one of the other GoPro camera models is still a great option!

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