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First Aid In The GoPro Clinic. Sometimes It’s Not The GoPro

A visit to the Doctors doesn’t always turn out the way you expected. Sometimes the cause has deeper roots and the Doc just can’t help. Maybe you should be looking elsewhere.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for with the Doctor, here’s some extra notes in the GoPro Clinic.



GoPro Clinic Lecture 1 : Cameras and 64GB cards

GoPro support exFAT formatted 64GB cards, but on the basis of “faff-ability” we prefer 32GB. This is a “not so new technical term” which has become a common reference used by a wide base of GoPro enthusiasts who are sick of “faffing about” with the camera when they would rather be doing their activity of choice. To be fair we don’t even know if we’re spelling it correctly as local dialects often produce a “K” placed centrally in the pronunciation.

Based on a straw poll of the number of people with the back of their cameras open and a 64GB card in one hand, and seconded by the fact that we’ve heard very little about issues with 32GB cards, but a lot of whining from people with 64GB cards, we’d hedge on the side of caution.

It could all be a bit nano-technology voodoo magic, but if you know the A and E is already full why go looking for an accident. Get a 32GB and you have less to lose…especially footage.



GoPro Clinic Lecture 2 : Computers and 64GB cards

GoPro formats 64GB cards in exFAT, and they will be aware of any technical issues that presents. Software updates will deal with it . That said, there are other compatibility issues with computer OS systems that are not GoPro issues, so read on…

  • If you are still running Windows XP make sure that you have this update:    OUCH! Microsoft have now withdrawn support…Do you still have black and white Television, too?
  • Windows Vista needs Service Pack 1, and Windows 7 and 8 should run without issue.
  • If you have a mac be aware that OS versions below Mac OS 10.6.5, OS X Snow Leopard won’t recognize an exFAT format.
  • If you use anything else, you’d have been better spending money on a computer rather than a GoPro. Make a POV video of yourself working out the family budget and post it on YouTube; ask viewers to comment on whether or not there are any other blatantly gaping holes in your strategic family spending!

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