On Part 1, We find Missy in Hawaii while she is there on a training trip. Being in Hawaii gives Missy the chance to escape the cold of Colorado, focus on mental conditioning, and swim in the ocean instead of just the pool.

On Part 2, We’ll catch up with Missy in Berkeley, California and Denver, Colorado where she shows us what training is like the highest level as she prepares for what could be her biggest summer yet.

Jetboots provided by Patriot3


“Finding Missy” is a 2-part original series that will give viewers the most up-close look into Missy Franklin’s daily life, told from her own unique perspective.

The “Finding Missy” journey begins on Oahu, Hawaii, where Missy enjoys the ohana life and trades in her daily routine for new elemental challenges. She then takes us back to her beloved Berkeley, California for a glimpse into her college life, and the experiences that she’s left behind to pursue her dreams. And finally, we are brought back to reality, in her hometown of Centennial, Colorado. Here, we experience what training is like at the most elite level, as Missy prepares for what could be her biggest summer yet.

Part 1 of “Finding Missy” will be released on Monday, April 11th.

Part 2 of “Finding Missy” will release two weeks later, on Monday, April 25th.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from http://GoPro.com.

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John Berry “End Drone”

Tracey Chattaway “Light The Night”

Additional Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

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