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Meet the incredible innovators from St. Louis, Missouri, Sindhu Bala, Sydney Gralike, Julianna Jones, Reagan Mattison, and Christina Yepez, of Girl Scout Troop #1484 aka “The Blockheads.” With the desire to solve an environmental riddle of disposing Styrofoam cups from a local retirement community (where 20,000 cups were being used and disposed of every month), these inventors developed what they call an “Eco Bin” which helps dissolve Styrofoam when mixed with a special concoction, enabling households, landfills and businesses to reduce their waste. Eureka! The gooey sticky bi-product is a strong effective adhesive aka “GlOo”. These creations have earned the young girls local, state and and national accolades earning them a trip to the White House.

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The Bamboos “Step It Up”
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SOLDOUT “Wazabi”
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