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Soar above the Dolomites with professional wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss as he navigates one of Italy’s most daring lines to honor a fallen friend, Uli Emanuele.

Shot 100% on GoPro – http://bit.ly/2Fjbrz2

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Special thanks to the RYOT team:
Executive Producer – Josh Gold
Producer – Michael Broccolo
Production Supervisor – Sara Locker
Director – Tarik Benbrahim
Creative Director – Jason Alexander
Editor – Lorraine Cardoza
Director of Photography – Travis Cook, Daryl Chong
VR Post Production – Ian Denig, Daryl Chong, Ryan Eakins, Robert Monson
Sound Mix/Design – Erik Lohr
Music Supervisor – Matt Valerio
Art Direction + Design – Aisha Yousa

“Ghosts in the Gale” by William Ryan Fritch
“Mizuhara” by Ursine Vulpine
“Forever Sleep” by Swann
“Crimson” by Cannon Division
“Bad Omen 001” by The Benign One Ones
“Dark Came the Night” by Secords Walk

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