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It’s True. GoProTimes is for SALE.


Great to see you here.

After 10 years we’ve decided that our beloved website needs more love and attention than we can give it.

We started this website back in 2012, just for fun. It rapidly hit 1st page rankings in Google back when Action Cameras were still a niche item, and we had great fun particpating in the rise of what turned out to be cultural shift in the way we capture and share incredible sporting content.

But, the thing is, throughout that time we always had our own businesses in real life. GPT was never considered as source of income, despite it’s potential, and whilst we ran a few ads it was never really the point. GoProTimes was simply a way of letting our hair down at the weekends, sharing some fun stuff, and helping people fix their problems. As you probably know, Action Cameras have many challenges over the years and as technical boundaries continue to be pushed the possibilites are still wide open. That means that everyone from the OG’s to market newbies are looking for advice, fixes, hacks, and content ideas. The market is now huge, and for anybody reviewing, handing out cool tips, or helping others understand the latest tech, so is the opportunity.

Over the years our businesses have diversified, our families have grown, and whilst we’re still keen camera geeks, we’ve been putting our priorites elsewhere for a long time. GPT has been a testing ground for many backend website development products over the years, so it’s not only served the viewers on the front-end; it has served as a crucial development tool for our own projects on the backend.

But now, we’ve decided somebody else needs to give it the love that we can’t.

If you’re reading this and you’re considering/producing your own content, then maybe you’re the person. If you need a domain with a trusted history in Search Engines, a known entity that has never abused analytics or advertising rules, then get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you. Just Fill in your name and email, and hit Submit.


Team GPT

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