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A 12 hour motorbike race😲 Sounds long right? How about a 24 HOUR MOTORBIKE RACE?!😲 😲 Welcome to the FIM Endurance World Championships (EWC), arguably the toughest motorsport in the world! To film races this grueling, we needed a camera rugged enough to get through it 🤔 Enter Insta360 ONE X2! This high res 360 cam was onboard the bikes throughout the first two races, capturing amazingly immersive footage! So hop on and see what it’s like to be in the middle of this moto madness!

@FIMEWC kicked off with the 24 Houres Moto race at the famous Le Mans circuit in France, followed by the 12 hours of Estoril in Portugal. Catch the next round this weekend (Sep 18-19) with the Bol d’Or at the Paul Ricard circuit!

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