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Meet Insta360 GO 2. Available now at http://bit.ly/Insta360GO2_yt

Insta360 GO 2 – the tiny action camera that packs an almighty punch! Just 27g (that’s less than an ounce) and the size of your thumb, GO 2 captures the action without ever getting in the way of it. Mount this camera anywhere for effortless, hands-free fun.

✔️ 1/2.3” Sensor + 1440p 50fps
✔️ 150 Mins Battery Life (with Charge Case)
✔️ FlowState Stabilization + Horizon Lock
✔️ Waterproof to 13ft (4m)
✔️ Mount Anywhere
✔️ Hands-Free Shooting
✔️ Rugged + Replaceable Lens Guard
✔️ 15-Min Clip Length (30 mins for FPV)
✔️ WiFi Preview + Remote Control
✔️ Auto Editing

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