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Captain 42 All-in-1 Accessories Bundle for HD Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1 Camera

This is an Ultimate Combo Kit includes 42 accessories,Suitable for all the sizes of the camera. Each of our small parts are manufactured by a professional team. No doubt about its quality and durability.A must have for all Lovers – Endless uses and applications.

The kit contents:

1 x Large Shockproof Carrying Case
1 x Head Belt Strap Mount
1 x Chest Belt Strap Mount
1 x Helmet Strap Mount
1 x Extendable Handle Monopod
1 x Floating Handle Grip
1 x Floating block with 3M adhesive pad
1 x Wrist Strap Mount
1 x Remote Control Wrist Strap
1 x 360 degree Rotary Clip Mount
1 x Bike Handlebar Holder Mount
1 x Bike Tripod Mount
1 x Adjustable Car Suction Cup Mount(7cm-diameter base)
1 x Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(With Surface Quick Release Buckle)
1 x Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(Without Surface Quick Release Buckle)
1 x Plastic Wrench Spanner to Tighten or Loose Knob Nut Screw
2 x Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x Surface J-Hook Buckle
2 x Surface Quick Release Buckle
6 x Long screw Bolts
2 x Flat & 2 x Arc Mounts
10 x 3M adhesive pad(5 for Flat & 5 for Curved Mounts)

Quality Guarantee:
Only items purchased from our store come with a 30 day money back guarantee or a full exchange of the item. Any damage to the product caused by the buyer will not be refundable. And All our products come with a 12 month manufacture¡¯s warranty.Large Size Shockproof Protective Case Carry Bag: Protect cameras and accessories from scratching and dust, keeping them safe and in good condition.
Bike Tripod Mount + Tripod mount adapter + Long Screw Bolt.The adjustable arm allows users to adjust the mount at any desired angles between 0-180 degrees.Within the rubber clamps grips, the mount kit could be tightly fixed on the handlebar.Comes with tripod/monopod mount adapter,ensuring you can get the angle you want.The handlebar Mount helps recording of the rode and those before you.Keep your hands free when riding, Suitable for Bicycle and Motorcycle handlebar mount.
Car Suction Cup Mount Holder +Surface Quick Release Buckle + Long Screw Bolt.Strong suction cup,tightly keep on windshield, dashboard, console.Easily click and lock into position, 360 Degree Swivel&Tilt action.
Monopod Handhold Mount + Tripod Mount Adapter + Long Screw Bolt.Adjustable ball head and thumb screw locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position.Floating Grip Mount + Long Screw Bolt.Floating holder is desinged to keep your camera with a waterproof shell(not included)easy to float on the water. Bright yellow in the water and can be easily found.
Head Strap Mount + Long Screw Bolt /Chest Belt Strap Mount + Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm (with Surface Quick Release Buckle). The adjustable head strap is compatible with all sizes cameras. It allows you to use the camera on head or helmet to record those before you .NOT RECOMMENDED for high-impact sports. By rotating the Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm, you can get any angle you want.

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