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Good quality ,produce by Own factory.
COMPLETE SASTISFACTION: Backed with YRMJK Gopro Accessories Kit 90- Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; Quality problems 30-Day refund; 24H x 7 email support
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Classic GoPro Accessories Kit:

Compatible with all GoPro HERO Series and Other Sport Cam Action Camera(SCJAM,Xiaomi Yi,Nilox,Tec)
Suitable for Swimming Rowing Skiing Climbing Bike Riding Camping Diving and Other Outdoor Sports

The Kit Contens:

1 * Hend Wrist Strap+ 1 * screw
1 * Tripod
1 * Auto Suction Cup
1 * Head Strap Mount
1 * Handle Monopod + 1 * Tripod Mount
2 * Flat Surface Adhesive
2 * Curved Surface Adhesive
2 * Curved Mount
2 * Flat Mount
1 * Gopro wrench
1 * Storage bag
1 * Gopro Carry Case
1 * Three-way Adjustment Base
1 * J-Hook Buckle Mount
1 * Clamps Handlebar Mount+2 * Screws (Short + Long)+ 2 * Joint (Short + Long)
1 * Floating Grip + Screw

YRMJK with this GoPro Kit Accessories Bundle for Hero 1 2 3 4 that is compatible with any GOPRO camera.
YRMJK using 26 different GroPro accessories including a Chest strap,Headband,tripods, Auto Suction Cup,Floating Grip,and hooks in a sturdy case for active and extreme sports enthusiasts.
Chest Belt Strap Mount + J-Hook Buckle. It allows you to install the gopro camera on your chest. The length of the strap can be adjusted to the best to make you comfortable. No need to worry about the firming problem. When the camera is fixed well, you are free to do anything. Any awesome pictures won’t be missed,Wrist strap mount:Wrist strap mount for GoPro Hero cameras. You can wear this strap while surfing and bicycling.
Floating Grip + Long Screw : This set allows you to take photos in the water. You can hold the grip in water. If the camera drop into water, it will be floating in the water ,bright yellow is so cute and can easily identified.
YRMJK with Gopro Accessories high-quality materials that are designed to keep you and yours safe while filming action,Action Camera Kit offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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