Garmin: Acclimation and Improved Race Predictor

Track how you adjust to hot weather and high altitudes, and discover advances in our race predictor tool to help you estimate your performance in competition. So you have the tools to beat yesterday any time of the year.

Learn more: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/performance-data/running/#race-time-prediction

Garmin: The MARQ Collection

Forged from our DNA. Authentic in every detail. Garmin introduces 5 extraordinary modern luxury tool watches. Each one, here to champion a lifestyle that has been revolutionized by Garmin technology. The MARQ Collection is the brilliant culmination of a vision that began more than 30 years ago, an inspiration for new adventures, and a celebration of those who confidently break new ground.

Learn more about The MARQ collection from Garmin look here: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/marq/

MARQ Athlete by Garmin

Whether you are determined to finish first or simply are inspired by those who do, MARQ™ Athlete is the luxury modern tool watch tuned to separate you from your rivals. For competitors who demand the very best from themselves, there is no greater reward. Experience the MARQ Collection at: Garmin.com/MARQ

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