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GoPro: 100 Camera Circular Array – Turf in the Bay

Anyone remember when Keanu Reeves (a.k.a Neo) bent through space and time to do the impossible and dodge bullets? While that scene undoubtedly left everyone ready unleash their inner Matrix (limbo, anyone?), people were also quick to see the potential of cinematic special effects.

Here we are almost 20 years later, and GoPro is throwing it back to the infamous bullet scene with even more up our sleeves. In traditional GoPro fashion, we took it to the next level with an incredible 100-camera array capable of manipulating movement through space and time. Basically, we created a circle made up of 100 GoPro cameras, side-by-side, shooting simultaneously. This camera rig is able to spit out content that shows the most dynamic and fluid version of whatever is being captured. Equipped with this new 100-array, GoPro was determined to test the limits of space and time, which led us straight to Oakland’s own TURFinc.

Watch the full documentary piece :

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

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Garmin VIRB XE: Sailing Teaser

The adventure never stops with VIRB XE, the next generation action camera with G-Metrix. We took the Garmin VIRB XE out for a sailing adventure in San Francisco and captured the Bay. To see the full sailing adventure, stay tuned for Friday’s release.


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