Discover New Routes and Ride Connected with Edge Explore

Discover new routes, and stay connected wherever you ride with Edge Explore. This easy-to-use GPS cycling computer features a bright, responsive 3” touch display. It also includes a preloaded Garmin Cycle Map, providing bike-specific navigation for the next on- and off-road adventures. Find out more about this cycling computer here https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/611996

• Easy-to-use GPS bike computer with high-resolution, 3” glove- and rain-friendly touchscreen that’s visible even in direct sunlight
• Includes preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn navigation and Trendline popularity routing to find the on- and off-road routes most traveled by cyclists
• Built-in GPS tracks how far, how fast, how high and where you ride
• Compatible with Varia cycling awareness devices, including smart bike lights and rearview radar to detect cars and alert drivers
• When paired with your compatible smartphone, you gain connected features, including LiveTrack and GroupTrack, smart notifications, rider-to-rider messaging and built-in incident detection
• Battery life: up to 12 hours

Garmin Edge Device: Using Mountain Bike Dynamics

The Edge 530 and Edge 830 GPS cycling computers offer dynamic performance monitoring¹and insights to help you improve. Learn more about Edge bike computers here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/cIntoSports-cCycling-p1.html

• Dynamic performance monitoring¹provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, training load focus, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more
• Mountain bike (MTB) dynamics track jump count, jump distance and hang time; other MTB features rate a trail’s difficulty and your ability, so you have a score to beat next time
• Cycling awareness features include a new bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, incident detection² and compatibility with Varia rearview radar and lights, so you can see and be seen
• Includes routable Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing — which helps you ride like a local — plus on-device route creation, off-course recalculation and back to start; mountain biking model has integrated Trailforks data, including trail difficulty ratings
• Customize with free apps, widgets and data fields from the Connect IQ Store

¹When paired with compatible sensors
²When paired with a compatible smartphone; see Garmin.com/ble. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see Garmin.com/en-US/lega/idtermsofuse

Garmin Edge 520 Plus: Now with Maps and Connected Features

Train smarter, and discover new routes with Edge® 520 Plus, the cycling computer with advanced navigation and challenges built right in. It includes the Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn directions for on- and off-road routes plus preloaded Strava Live Segments.

Find out more about the Edge 520 Plus GPS bike computer here:

• Features advanced navigation, including new navigation alerts and the preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn directions
• Preloaded Strava Live Segments let you compete second by second with your previous best or another rider’s PR; see real-time results right on your screen
• Stay connected¹ with LiveTrack and GroupTrack², smart notifications, rider-to-rider messaging and built-in Incident Detection
• Monitors cycling-specific VO2 max and recovery time when used with power and heart rate
• Tracks Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and cycling dynamics when used with Vector™ power meters
• Compatible with Varia™ cycling awareness accessories, including rearview radar and smart bike lights

¹When paired with a compatible smartphone; see Garmin.com/ble

² When paired with a compatible smartphone; GroupTrack can track up to 50 riders

Edge 130: Downloading Data Fields with Connect IQ

Get instant data and automatic street cred with the rugged and compact
Edge® 130. This easy-to-use GPS cycling computer shows how far, how fast, how hard, how high and how to get back home. It even works with Varia™ bike lights and rearview radar.

• Simplified, rugged design with 1.8” display that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions
• With GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites and an altimeter, you’ll know how far, fast, hard and high you’ve ridden on the longest climbs or on your way through the city
• Includes navigation with turn prompts and even shows you how to get back to start; download courses from the Course Creator feature in Garmin Connect™ online community, and race in real time against Strava Live Segments
• Compatible with Varia™ cycling awareness accessories, including rearview radar and smart bike lights
• Connected features¹ include smart notifications, weather and more; LiveTrack and Assistance features make it easy to share your location
• Battery life²: up to 15 hours

¹When paired with a compatible smartphone
²Battery life may vary depending on usage

Edge 520: Pairing Sensors and Smartphones

Get even more data out of your Edge 520 by pairing it with compatible cycling sensors. Learn how to pair it with a heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensor and/or power meter. Also learn how to get connected features, including live tracking, smart notifications and automatic uploads to Garmin Connect by pairing it with a compatible smartphone.

Edge 20/25: Using Garmin Connect and Courses

Go the extra mile with Edge 20/25 by capturing essential stats from your ride, including time, distance, speed, total ascent and location, and analyzing them in our free online community. Learn how to get started with Garmin Connect, including pairing your device, setting up your account and loading your rides. While in Connect, check out the courses section and find new places to ride. To begin, add the courses widget to your dashboard and then create or explore courses before uploading them to your device. Then, learn how to find them on your device so you can get on with your ride quickly!

To learn more about our latest Edge® GPS bike computers look here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/cIntoSports-cCycling-p1.html

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