Garmin VIRB Elite: River surfing in Munich

From the back roads of Alaska to the rivers of Munich, Germany, Ken, one of our VIRB Ultimate Adventure finalists, takes #garminvirb on an European adventure. Watch as he travels from Amsterdam to Germany to find a hidden gem in Munich – a river where people surf beneath a bridge! Catch a ride on his paddle.


Garmin VIRB Elite: Racing to the Limit at the M32 Cup

There’s nothing VIRB can’t do – watch #garminvirb racing in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, Sweden; and Copenhagen, Denmark at the M32 Cup, a professional sailing series in superfast M32 catamarans. Unique and entertaining sailing events are held right in the center of major Nordic cities as well as the Gold Cup in Miami, Florida. Catch a wave and hold on for a sailing adventure like no other!


Garmin VIRB Elite: The Power of Simple

Garmin is dedicated to making your time on the water more fun, more rewarding … more simple. Whether saltwater fishing off the coast of Bermuda or the Dominican Republic, coastal fishing in Miami, freshwater fishing on Lake Mozingo, sailing off the coast of Rhode Island, free diving off Kauai, Hawaii, you’ll find the power of simple in our all-new marine products – which pair perfectly with our VIRB action cameras so you don’t miss a minute of the action!


Garmin VIRB Elite: Racing the “7 Alpha” in Topeka, Kansas

Got a need for speed? Race with us around the 2.2 mile intermediate configuration, sometimes referred to as “7 Alpha,” at Heartland Park Topeka in Kansas. The track groups riders based on skill level – novice, intermediate and advanced – and gives them each 20 minutes of free practice time every hour. Watch your speed – and heart race – while you cruise with the advanced!


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