GoPro Awards: Mt. Everest Expedition | Summiting the Tallest Mountain on Earth

Join GoPro Awards Recipient + mountaineering guide Jon Gupta as he takes his GoPros from Mount Everest Base Camp up to 29,032 ft (8848m). Congrats on hiking the world’s tallest peak + thanks for showing us the view from the top. 🏔

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GoPro 2011 Highlights: You in HD

Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

Surfing 0:08

Kayaking 1:13

Wakeboarding 2:17

Cliff Jumping 2:32

Surfing 2:39

Skateboarding 2:52

MTB & BMX 3:23

Bungee Jumping 3:58

Auto Racing 4:26

Aviation 6:05

Motorcross & Off-road Sand Biking 6:18

Base Jumping & Parasailing 7:33

Everest Climbing 8:45

Skiing &Snowboarding 9:06

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