GoPro Update Problems: Let’s see If We Can Help You through It

gopro update problems

Several symptoms related to GoPro update problems.

  • You did a usb update and now the screen is reading Update Failure.
  • The camera freezes up completely during use.
  • The camera won’t switch on.

Most Successful Actions.

[icon size=”tiny” icon=”icon-medkit” /]  Remove battery. Replace battery and turn back on. Leave the camera switched on for at least 10 minutes.


  • If the the camera has just frozen during use it will normally come back to life, but it could signal that you should check for an update.
  • If you’ve just updated when the problem occurs, the software update requires time to install itself when you switch the camera back on. Sometimes this doesn’t happen cleanly and the camera gets a little lost along the way. We’ve had both Hero 2 and 3 beep back into life between the 5 and 10 minute mark, even when the screen appears blocked.

[icon size=”tiny” icon=”icon-medkit” /]  Pull the card out and get it in the computer. If you have a card up to 32GB right click and format card FAT32. If you have 64GB card format it exFAT, (To get more info on 64GB cards on possible pitfalls with 64GB cards TAB to After Hours Clinic). Then do the follwoing:

  • Carefully ignoring STEP 6 from the GoPro update page, follow the normal procedure but leave the usb disconnected.
  • You’ll get a manual download button to click. Download the file, extract the contents and paste it directly onto your newly formated card.
  • Now eject the card from the computer and ensuring that the GoPro is off put the card in place.
  • Switch on and let the camera do its thing. The same rules apply as above, it will not spring into life instantly. The camera will switch on and of several times during the software installation so go and get a coffee for 10 minutes.
  • The last time the WiFi will take a good few minutes to install and should read % marks as it progresses.
  • Assuming it’s successful, reformat your card in the camera for good measure.

If it does freeze up go back to the removing battery and try again having done the manual installation. Failed Hero2 updates magically recovered after being left on for between ten and fifteen minutes. Whilst we wouldn’t expect this to be the norm, it does show that patiences can be a virtue.

[icon size=”tiny” icon=”icon-ambulance” /] Call the GoPro support line.


Hero Update worked, but Remote Control does not.

Symptoms related to Remote Control problems after update.

  • You had the WiFi working before the update and now it’s stopped working.
  • You can’t even find the Network when you search.
  • Previously the devices connected automatically and now they do not.

Most Successful Actions.

Not uncommon as many people don’t like to fill in WiFi network details on line. But remember, this isn’t your home network we are talking about; it’s specific to your camera, generated by the camera, and only relevant to operating your camera.

[icon size=”tiny” icon=”icon-medkit” /]Try this:

  • Go back up to GoPro.com and run through the download process again.
  • When you get to the camera name and password put in some your details, or create new details. If you leave this empty you get a load of zeros in the “version.txt” and this has been known to screw up the WiFi.
  • A text file where you did not fill in the data will be full of 0’s and look like this:
  • {“info version”:”1.1″,”firmware version”:”HD3.03.02.00″,”wifi version”:”″,”wifi bootloader version”:”0.0.0″,”wifi mac”:”000000000000″,”camera type”:”Hero3-Black Edition”,}
  • Whilst a file where you took the time to fill in some details will have full numbers and look like this:
  • {“info version”:”1.1″,”firmware version”:”HD3.03.02.00″,”wifi version”:”″,”wifi bootloader version”:”0.2.2″,”wifi mac”:”d89685280060″,”camera type”:”Hero3-Black Edition”,}
  • Reload the software as previously stated. If you remembered the correct details corresponding to the original name and password, chances are you won’t even need to pair them. If you filled in new ones, run through the pairing procedure as we described.

This has caused problems and we highly recommend that you follow the full procedure when given the opportunity during the download at gopro.com.

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