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GoPro HD Hero camera: 2010 Post Office Bike Jam

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Each year after Sea Otter, the world’s best freestyle riders gather at a jump park outside the US Post Office in Aptos, California. In possibly the last year for the event, GoPro sponsored an informal competition to document this legendary gathering of the world’s best freestyle bike athletes in Northern California.

Music: “Rollerskate” – Matias Aguayo

TomTom Bandit – Epic Darklight Edit

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Experience the thrill and point of view of this epic film!

Sweetgrass Productions’ Darklight film has re-set the standard in Mountainbike action film making this year, and TomTom Bandit is proud to be the official action camera used in filming it. Featuring three world-leading riders, the Canadian trio of Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter and Matty Miles, tackling miles of high impact terrain. In this edit, we share the experience of these riders as recorded on the TomTom Bandit action cameras. Breathtaking landscapes and world class riding from their point of view, as they attacked some of the world’s most challenging terrain. Specialized Bikes provided enhanced mountain bikes, ensuring a spectacular overall effect.

The movie Darklight is made possible by television manufacturer Philips TV. Watch the full film at http://www.philips.com/ambilight .


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