Mike Sigety Erzberg Recap

The Erzberg Enduro is well known throughout the off-road motorcycle community as being one of, if not THE MOST extreme motorcycle race in the world. The event encompasses three days of riding — two days of preliminaries that narrow the field from more than 1,800 entrants to just 500 for the main event: the Erzberg Rodeo. The Rodeo is a 25-mile course that 500 riders attempt to complete within a four-hour time limit. On June 23, 500 racers started the Rodeo and only nine crossed the finish line. Mike Sigety, a seven-time A Class champion in the AMA National Enduro Series was one of the 500 men lined up in the 10 waves of 50 racers at the start line.

Snow Time-lapse with the Drift HD170

The first big snowfall in Western New York. Time-lapse with the Drift HD170 sequence mode set to every 30 seconds.

“Nieve” by wellman (feat. Sir LoveShadow)

Estonia to Greece without roads

Marcus and Sven on there journey from Estonia to Greece using only dirt roads and gravel tracks. While adventures are nothing new for us, this trip is. Thay are new on 2 wheels with 8000 km of unexpected terrain to get through.

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