WASPcam action sports camera: First corner motocross action

Helmet footage from moto #1 of the Vet 30A class at the MMRS MX National in September 2013. Local expert (and WASPcam brand manager), Danny Brault tries to get a wheel in on former national pro-turned FMXer, Jason Thorne.

Shot with: WASPcam + WASPcam curved adhesive mount + WASPcam camera housing with Vented backdoor.

Learn more at www.waspcam.com.


WASPcam: Walton Hot Lap with … Hailey Larson

Honda’s Hailey Larson becomes the first MX racer to holeshot and win while wearing a WASPcam! Larson pulled off this feat during the 2013 Walton TransCan, where she won her first TransCan National Amateur Championship. Congrats, Hailey, and thanks for supporting WASPcam! www.waspcam.com.


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