Discrete Video – Eye Of The Condor

This received the Chilean Choice Award, getting the vid with the local legend, history and reflection, mixed up with some awesome action shots, and plenty of powder. More about this team: http://laparva.cl/​eotc/​teams/​discrete/

K2 Video – Eye of the Condor

The K2 team made this funny video about learning to ski again, we think this was the funniest video from the event! More about this team: http://laparva.cl/​eotc/​teams/​k2-factory/

Dubsatch Video – Eye of the Condor

The Dubsatch team grabbed all the prizes with this amazing video, this surprised all the judges with pure soul and good fun. More about this team: http://laparva.cl/​eotc/​teams/​dubsatch-collective/

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