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Action Cam | First Mountain Bike Expedition in Afghanistan: Matt Hunter’s “Forgotten Dirt”

Shot 100% with Sony’s Action Cam

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Action Cam by Sony Presents: Dream Capture — Episode II “Forgotten Dirt”

In “Forgotten Dirt”, professional mountain biker Matt Hunter and a small team of riders traveled to the remote Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan to explore trails that had never been ridden before. But as it turns out, the journey to reach those trails was the real adventure.

To capture “Forgotten Dirt”, the Anthill Films crew had to travel up to twelve hours a day by bike with camera gear on their backs. This, combined with the remoteness of the trails, meant that the crew could not rely on traditional camera equipment. The compact and lightweight nature of Sony’s Action Cam allowed the crew to document Matt’s Afghan expedition as it actually happened.

Music by Seb Taylor and Interchill

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Matt Hunter – Forgotten Dirt | Action Cam | Sony


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