Garmin vívofit 2: Pairing with your Home Computer

Make every step count with vívofit 2. Learn how to get the most from your activity tracker by pairing, or setting up, your wearable technology with your home computer via Garmin Express and Garmin Connect.

Learn more about our latest vívofit fitness tracking devices look here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/cIntoSports-c571-p1.html

fenix 3: Getting Started

Learn how to set up your watch so you can get the most from your fenix 3. With feature sets for fitness training plus outdoor navigation, f?nix 3 is a smart multisport training watch that is ready for any training activity and competition. Access to the Connect IQ platform allows customization of watch faces, apps, widgets and activities.

Veho Muvi Drone: Part 2 – Set Up & Flight Preparation

This is the Muvi X-Drone set up & flight preparation video for the Veho Muvi Done. See other support video here:

Veho Muvi Drone: Part 1 – Introduction & Unboxing

Veho Muvi Drone: Part 2 – Set Up & Flight Preparation

Veho Muvi Drone: Part 3 – Compass Calibration

Veho Muvi Drone: Part 4 – Basic Flying

Veho Muvi Drone: Part 5 – Advanced Flying

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