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Drift Innovation HD Ghost with Two-Way Active Status Remote: So you never have to wonder, “Am I On?”

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Drift HD: Thibaud Duchosal in Argentina

All POV shots on the Drift HD. Get Out There
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After his trip to Russia (Arkhyz), Thibaud Duchosal is back for the second episode of TD video blog with some shots made between Las Lenas and La Mesada de Los Baguales (Argentina). All POV shots on the Drift HD.


Drift HD Ghost: Adrenaline Challenge With Thibaud Duchosal

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There
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Last week in Tignes Drift skier, Thibaud Duchosal, took part in the Adrenaline Challenge with L’equipe. A team of 4 compete in a mountain bike time trial, ski cross and a Chinese Downhill. Take a look at the Chinese Downhill footage and hold on to your seats!


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