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Insta360 – Walking the Line (ft. Rafael Bridi)

Rafael Bridi is no stranger to wild adventures. A Guinness world record for the highest tightrope walk (at a whopping 6131ft) is testament to that! This time, he took his record-breaking balloon crossing project back to his hometown of Florianópolis, Brazil. And this is the epic result! Enjoy the immersive experience from Rafael’s terrifying perspective, thanks to 360 video shot on Insta360 X3, all the while safe in the knowledge you don’t have do it yourself!

Learn more here: https://blog.insta360.com/walking-the-line-rafael-bridi-slacklines-between-two-hot-air-balloons/

Shop X3 and find out more: https://bit.ly/X3_yt

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Drift HD Ghost: 100 Metre High Slackline with Théo Sanson

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There.
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Drift athlete Théo Sanson took his Drift HD Ghost out as he walks across a slackline hundreds of metres above Lake Annecy in France. Sounds easy. . .right?


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