fēnix Chronos: See What’s in the Box

Made with premium jeweler’s-grade materials, fēnix Chronos is the first Garmin watch to combine a durable and fashionable metal housing with the latest adventure, fitness training, activity tracking and smartwatch technology. Learn more at https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/532035

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 1 – Introduction & Unboxing

This is the unboxing and introductory video for the Veho Muvi X-Done. See other support video here:

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 1 – Introduction & Unboxing

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 2 – Set Up & Flight Preparation

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 3 – Compass Calibration

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 4 – Basic Flying

Veho Muvi X-Drone: Part 5 – Advanced Flying

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