Capture every moment from a completely new perspective thanks to the Muvi X-Pack from Veho.

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The Muvi X-Pack is a custom made backpack for wearing as a hands free camera rig. It is fully adjustable, containing a rigid but light ergonomic shock-absorbent base plate, which means it can withstand the most extreme manoeuvres.

The Muvi X-Pack has built-in large pockets for storing all the parts and accessories when they are not in use, and also to store personal belongings such as phone, Pebble charger, keys and the Muvi K-Series camera.

The Muvi X-Pack has a three-way camera mount assembly, which you can adjust and adapt to any angle, whether you are mounting in front, behind or to the side of you, you’re sure to get the best possible shot and be very creative in the process.

The Muvi X-Pack includes 3 different length aluminium-alloy arms that will deliver you optimal viewing angles from your Muvi K-Series or any other camera enabling your footage to have the third person view.

The Muvi X-Pack is the must have mount for any action or extreme sports such as biking, skating, snow or water sports. It also includes 2 different mounts making it compatible with both Muvi K-Series and Go Pro hands free cameras.

Key Features
– Rigid but light ergonomic shock-absorbent base plate
– Large pockets for storage and specially designed holding mechanism for the base plate
– Three-way camera mount with distance adjustment, adaptable to any angle for optimal POV shots
– Includes two mounts compatible with the Muvi K-Series and Go Pro
– Ideal mount for biking, snow sports, water sports, skating and many more.

Box Contents
– Veho Muvi X-Pack
– 1 x Shock-absorbent base plate
– 3 x Aluminium-Alloy Boom Poles
– 3 x Aluminium-Alloy Clamps
– Quick Start Guide (English)


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