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Veho VXD-001-B Muvi Drone with 1080p HD Camera [US Version]

Introducing the brand new Muvi Drone from Veho. A complete remote controlled aerial camera system that’s ready and easy to fly within minutes, allowing you to create high quality high definition aerial videos and photography.

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The Muvi Drone is incredibly easy to fly, and comes with everything you need to get started. So whether you’re a first time flyer or a professional, the X-Drone is the perfect aerial camera system for any camera enthusiast with little or no prior experience. The Drone has auto locking motors to secure the propellers and also comes with propeller guards. If you’re a first time flyer, or a professional flying in confined spaces, the prop guards will protect arrange damage or injury.

The Drone has a built-in Muvi camera that produces high quality HD 1080p videos at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. The Muvi camera on the Drone can also take stunning 16 mega pixel still images. The camera has image and video stabilization, which will allow you shoot smooth high quality videos, from an aerial point of view. The Drone has a built-in microSD slot which can take up to 64GB memory card, allowing you to capture up to 260 minutes video or over 11,000 images.

Fly up to 20 minutes, thanks to the Drone’s powerful rechargeable and removable 5,300mAh Li-Po battery, the largest on the market. The battery also has built in status indicator on the face of the battery, so you can ensure that it’s fully charged before you take flight.

The advanced GPS system now makes it even easier to fly your Drone, the GPS allows you to maintain altitude and orientation to allow you to focus on filming, and the automatic flight control system, means that if you lose control or satellite signal, the Drone will return itself to its launch point and then land itself safely.

The easy to use drone remote control makes it simple enough for first time or professional users to use immediately after configuration. The easy to navigate remote control allows for flight and camera giro control from up to five hundred meters. Using the smartphone cradle, you can live view from the Drone directly to your smartphone screen.

Record videos or capture photo’s directly from Drone thanks to the free APP that’s available on iOS or Android. The APP can also be used for live streaming, so you can see what the Muvi camera on-board the Drone sees. The APP will also allow you to check the status of the Wi-Fi, battery and also make changes to the settings of your X-Drone.

The Drone also comes with a pre-paired, USB rechargeable smartphone range extender, which increases the connectivity between the Drone and the smartphone up to 300 metres; you can make sure that you are always in range when connected to the live view screen on your smartphone APP.

The bright LED’s underneath the Drone, make sure you are able to judge the correct orientation of Drone. These indicators also give you use notifications during flight such as battery strength and GPS connectivity.

Key Features
– Incredibly easy and ready to fly within minutes, perfect for any camera enthusiast with little or no prior flying experience
– Film full HD 1080p videos @ 30fps or still photography at 16MP captured onto a built-in microSD card reader
– Large 5,300mAh removable and rechargeable Li-Po battery allowing up to 20 minutes flight time with battery status indicator
– Free Wi-Fi iOS or Android APP to allow live-view streaming and remote recording for a range of up to 300 metres when used with the smartphone range extender
– Advanced GPS system allowing you to maintain altitude and orientation with flight control for automatic return to home and landing

Box Contents
– Muvi Drone
– Propellers
– Propeller Guards
– Controller
– Smartphone Range Extender
– Smartphone Mount
– X-Drone Battery
– X-Drone Battery Charger
– Smartphone Range Extended Adapter
– Tool Set (Screwdriver and Wrench)
– Screw for Smartphone Range Extender
– M3 x 12 Screws
– Controller Strap

Patent Pending: 1503037.2


Veho Muvi K-Series: Car Testing with Formula 4 Driver James Reveler

The weather might have been ideal, but that didn’t stop James Reveler and his team from hitting the track and putting his new 2016 car to the test.

Filmed 100% on Veho Muvi K-Series cameras:

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Artist: Faux
Track: Ramona
Available to download from

Special thanks to James Reveler, Bedford Autodrome, David Gregory, David Wall & Giles Butterfield.

James Reveler

Bedford Autodrome


TG 5 Feature Overview

Conquer the outdoors with the Tough TG-5, a compact digital camera designed to capture outstanding images in the most challenging conditions. The Tough TG-5 combines its high-speed f2.0 lens with advanced technologies, including a new high-performance backlit 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor, Olympus’ latest high-speed TruePic VIII Image Processor and a Field Sensor System that records movement and environmental data. With the Tough TG-5, users are able to tell immersive stories using brilliant videos, stills and data captured from their extreme adventures.


Veho MUVI K-Series – On Patrol with Hamble Lifeboats

The Hamble Lifeboat is an independent lifeboat charity (not RNLI) and rely on donations from the public and businesses to keep the service running. The Veho MUVI K-Series camera was out on one of their patrols round the Solent to see what amazing work they do!

Shot 100% on the Veho MUVI K-Series Wi-Fi Handsfree Action Camera.

More information about the Veho MUVI K-Series range, visit our website:

Special Thanks

Paul Ackland
Hamble Lifeboats


Marcus – The Journey
Download here:


Veho How To: Make a Time Lapse video using your MUVI and Final Cut Pro

The product featured is the MUVI™HD action camera. Available from

In this video, we show you how to do time lapse video from shooting the photos with your MUVI™ HD to create a video from the photos using Final Cut X

For any further assistance on using your MUVI™ HD camera, please visit our website support page here:


Longzijun- San
Download here
Background Music: Techno, Electronica & Trance


Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro Wi-Fi Handsfree Action Camera with Marlow Rowing Club – powered by Veho

The Muvi K-2 Pro is the latest camera from the Muvi K-Series range and features the new super powerful XA-9 Hercules chipset, improving the performance of the Muvi K-2 Pro compared to its predecessor the XA-7 Achilles used on the previous K-2 models.

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Capture ultra high-resolution 4k or 2.7k video with amazing quality and clarity. The K-2 Pro also allows you to film in full high-definition at 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 120fps, perfect for slow-motion play back.

For photos the Muvi K-2 Pro captures high quality 12MP resolution photos and has a selection of photo modes for you to capture images the way you choose, including time lapse, high speed photo burst and 180° rollover mode. The built-in G-sensor auto-start will set your Muvi K-2 Pro to start recording on a change of gravity.

Included in Muvi K-2 Pro bundle is the new Muvi K-Series smart LCD touch screen that features a better and clearer display, allowing you to frame your shot, preview videos, photos and navigate the menu to change settings and preferences with ease.

The large 1500mAh interchangeable lith-ion smart battery ensures that your K-Series stays charged for up to 3 hours of recording time, which makes it one of the largest batteries on the handsfree camera market.

The Muvi K-2 Pro has built-in Wi-Fi with a range of up to 60 metres, which allows you to connect and pair with your smartphone or tablet with the free iOS or Android app. The Muvi K-Series app allows you to live view, record and even share your content straight onto social media.

Just like the Muvi K-2 Sport, your Muvi K-2 Pro comes with a rugged protective carry case, so you can transport and store your camera and its accessories safely whilst on your travels.

The Muvi K-2 Pro also ships with other accessories such as tripod mounts, flat & curved 3M adhesive pads, CMOS lens protector, lanyard and decals.

Key Features:
– Ultra high-resolution video capture 4k @ 15fps and 2.7k @30fps and high definition 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @ 120fps
– Super powerful XA-9 Hercules chipset improving the performance of the Muvi K-2 Pro compared to its predecessor XA-7 Achilles
– Smart LCD touch screen to preview videos and photos and to easily navigate the menu to change settings and preferences
– Shoot 12MP single photos, time lapse or fast burst of up to 10 photos per second
– Built-in Wi-Fi on the Muvi K-2 Pro allows you to record, live view and share your content on social media using the free Muvi K-Series smartphone App

Box Contents:
– Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro Camera
– Rugged Carry Case
– Silicone Case
– Muvi K-Series Smart LCD Touch Screen
– 1500mAh Removable Battery
– K-Series Tripod Mount
– CMOS Protector
– Curved 3M Mount
– Flat 3M Mount
– Right Angle Mount
– USB Charging Cable
– Muvi Decal
– Printed Quick Start Guide (English, French, Spanish, German, Italia, Portuguese, Russia & Japanese)
– Manual on CD

First to Last
Gunnar Olsen
Available to download from Youtube Audio Library

Special Thanks:
Matt Smith and The crew in the footage from Bow seat…
Alex Bavage
Chris Renwick
Tim Wallis Caddell
Jordan Beecher
Kingsley McDiarmid
Jack Wood
Graham Farr
Tom Rendell
Cox: Charlotte Fusion


Veho MUVI K-Series – Behind the scenes at Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts

Shot 100% on the Veho MUVI K-Series wireless action camera. More information available at

Special Thanks to
Paignton Zoo
Living Coasts Jason Pace
Mathew Webb
Philip Knowling

The MUVI K-Series has a new smaller & sleeker form factor which makes this camera even more versatile than the previous MUVI HD models. Measuring only 6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm (2.7in x 2in x 1in) the K-Series is the smallest high definition MUVI yet, meaning handsfree video capture is easier than ever before.

The MUVI™ K2 NPNG takes handsfree video capture to the next level. The enhanced MUVI™ K2 XA-7 Achilles chipset extends your options for filming with a top specification of 1080p @ 60 FPS using 19Mbits/sec. The MUVI™ K2 NPNG also comes ready for watersports including the new waterproof case capable of operating at depths of 100 metres (330 feet) and is bundled with the detachable LCD screen, 8GB memory, helmet front mount and is packed into a reusable protective carry case.

The MUVI™ K-Series has a new smaller & sleeker form factor which makes this camera even more versatile than the previous MUVI™ HD models. Measuring only 6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm (2.7in x 2in x 1in) the K-Series is the smallest high definition MUVI™ yet, meaning handsfree video capture is easier than ever before.

The MUVI™ K2 records high definition 1080p video at 60 FPS as well as 720p at 120 FPS using the new MUVI™ XA-7 Achilles chipset and has a choice of bit rate, the default being 19 Mbit/s. As well as settings great for handsfree video capture the K2 also has settings to enable broadcast quality video capture for professional and pro-sumer use.

The K2 captures stills at 8, 12 and 16 megapixel, and now comes equipped with photo burst mode that allows you to take up to 10 photos per second, which is perfect for trying to achieve the perfect action shot. Additional new features include 180 degree rollover which means if you are mounting your K-Series upside down the footage plays back the correct way up and G-sensor auto-start which allows you to set your MUVI™ to start recording on a change of gravity. You can also now capture interval stills during video capture at a set of pre-defined periods so you can save the best still images handsfree while capturing footage.

The MUVI K2 now has an interchangeable, rechargeable lithium battery which has a capacity of 1500mAh, the largest on the handsfree camera market, which will allow up to 4 hours of continuous recording.

It also ships with the K-series waterproof case enabling dives of up to 100m and has operational buttons for video control and photo capture underwater. The K-Series waterproof case also has a changeable back door for use with or without the detachable LCD screen and has a port opening for charge and record purposes when your waterproof case is mounted outside water. The K2 NPNG is also fully compatible with all the current mounts and accessories in the MUVI HD range.

The K2 NPNG bundle ships in a protective carry case that also includes a detachable viewing screen so that you can change settings and navigate the on screen menu, use as a view finder or review your footage. The NPNG bundle also packs 8GB of memory to get you started as well as additional mounting options.

The MUVI K-series now comes with built-in Wi-Fi with a range up to 60 metres, which allows you to connect and pair with your smartphone. The MUVI K-Series APP allows you to connect your K-Series camcorder wirelessly to your iPhone via WiFi so that you can view live, record videos, take photos and share through email, Facebook, Twitter and more. The app is available on the Google Play Store & also on the Apple iOS App Store.

The MUVI K2 NPNG still has all the features as its predecessor, such as loop-recording, auto video, time lapse continuous photo, exposure control & digital zoom.

Additional K-Series Accessories
– Detachable LCD viewing screen
– Wireless Remote Control
– Spare Battery

Key Features
– HD video capture: 1080p @ 60 FPS or 720p @ 120 FPS at 19M/bits
– 1500mAh interchangeable rechargeable lithium battery for up to 4 hours record time
– Up to 16MP stills with photo-burst and continuous photo to allow time lapse videos and interval photos
– Wi-Fi enabled app to allow wireless streaming & remote recording
– Includes waterproof case capable of depths up to 100m, detachable viewing screen, carry case, 8GB memory and additional mounting options

Running Wolf – On Comets Wind
Available to download from Youtube Channel


Veho MUVI HD hands free sailing action camera

All filmed exclusively using a Veho MUVI™ HD hands free action camera now with 16 bit. Visit for more info.

The Special Edition No Proof No Glory™ MUVI™ HD includes a Waterproof Case that is capable of depths of 60 Metres underwater for a full 60 minutes, a Helmet Front Mount that allows you to create a true POV angle when filming handsfree.

The MUVI™ HD has updated firmware to allow you to record at 960p at 30fps and 720p at 60 & 30fps giving you more versatility with your MUVI™ HD action camera. The MUVI™ HD also has a 16mbit/s in 1080p mode to make sure your footage is as smooth as possible.

The 1400mAh battery has the biggest capacity on the market and will give your MUVI™ HD a continuous 3 hours recording time. The No Proof No Glory™ edition also ships with a 8GB micro SD card which will enable around 80 minutes at full 1080p high definition.

With a host of other features such as Time Lapse continuous photos, exposure control, touch sensitive controls, remote control, 1.5 inch LCD and many more, you won’t want to use any other action camera. Other accessories as are also avaliable for the MUVI™ HD such as the Duopod, headband mount and Harness mount.


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