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Drift HD Ghost: Shoulder Mount Skiing

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There
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Drift Innovation have released their new shoulder mount giving an all-new pov angle! Take a ride with PH Davoine and the Drift HD Ghost in the French Alps using the new mount.

Suburban Blend 1-1-11 Skateboard Session

Suburban Blend 1-1-11 Session with the Drift HD170. Mikey Berdis, Nick Bettinger, Andy Geary, and Mike Calimeri throw down in slow mo.

“Maybe” by DoKashiteru (feat. AlexBeroza)​files/​DoKashiteru/​19795

GoPro: Tricked-Out DIY Trike Drifting

A father, son, and a group of friends build and race home-made trikes down a closed course hill in Virginia.

Special thanks to Jake Gilmer, David Gilmer, Dylan Smith, Evan Adams, Troy Moore and Victoria Salyer.

For more Trike Drifters, check out:
YouTube –
Vimeo –
Insta – @drycountydrifttrikes

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Lee Bob Watson “I Got Yr”

Additional Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

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Drift HD: Thibaud Duchosal in Argentina

All POV shots on the Drift HD. Get Out There
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After his trip to Russia (Arkhyz), Thibaud Duchosal is back for the second episode of TD video blog with some shots made between Las Lenas and La Mesada de Los Baguales (Argentina). All POV shots on the Drift HD.

Wings of Kilimanjaro – Anita’s Drift Diary: Episode 1

Follow Anita Hafdis Bjornsdottir’s weekly updates on her epic journey from training in South Africa to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Her 2 Drift cameras will be with her right to the top…then all the way to the bottom as she takes flight under her paraglider alongside 200 other pilots.

Episode 1 shows you what Anita is getting up to at the start of her training and her journey to South Africa.

To donate to the charity click this link:

Drift HD Ghost: Thibaud Duchosal’s Run at Freeride World Qualifier

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There
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Drift team skier, Thibaud Duchosal was at the El Dorado Freeride World Qualifer 4* in Andorra and got some awesome onboard footage with the Drift HD Ghost. He knows you have to go big or go home! Congratulations for placing 9th!

Drift HD Ghost: Mr Price Pro Day Two

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost.

Drift are stoked to be covering Mr Price Pro Balito in South Africa. Watch day two of the event out on the water with Shane Sykes.

Drift HD Ghost: Rallycross Round 4 – Kouvola, Finland

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There
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Check out the on and off track footage shot on the Drift HD Ghost at the fourth round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship at Kouvola, Finland with Monster Energy.

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