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Drift HD Ghost: Michal Prokop Rides Arkády DownMall

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Drift team rider Michal Prokop competed in the Arkády DownMall earlier this year and came in an impressive 2nd place! Check out this sick course inside a shopping mall.

Drift HD Ghost: Wakeboard With Bernhard Hinterberger

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Drift would like to welcome a 3 x World Champion wakeboarder, Bernhard Hinterberger to the team! Take a look at a typical training session out on the water with Bernhard, all on the Drift HD Ghost.

Track: Lie To Me
Artist: Bryzone/Pola
Label: Discus Records

Matti Hemmings Drift

Matti Hemmings and the guys from ROK-STA pictures have been busy testing out the Drift HD on a recent days filming at the St.Athans ‘Boy’s Club’ and have come back with this great little edit for you to enjoy.

Drift Ghost XL Action Camera – Our Most Versatile Camera to Date

Ghost XL, Drift’s 12th Generation camera continues their mission to achieve class-leading battery life in an incredibly user friendly package, and adds an innovative all-new waterproof connection for power or external audio.

Featuring Drift’s signature aerodynamic form, Ghost XL is designed to capture the action without taking anything away from the ride. Boasting an incredible 9 hours battery life Ghost XL goes the distance, and a waterproof TRS power connection keeps your rolling no matter how long the journey.

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Discrete Video – Eye Of The Condor

This received the Chilean Choice Award, getting the vid with the local legend, history and reflection, mixed up with some awesome action shots, and plenty of powder. More about this team:​eotc/​teams/​discrete/

Drift HD Ghost: Porsche Carrera Cup GB Thruxton Lap

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Watch the preview lap of the next stop of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB 2013 at Thruxton with Porsche driver Daniel Lloyd. #porschetrackside

Spencer Suderman Airshow

Airplane: METEOR Pitts
Power: Lycoming IO-540 666+ HP
Propeller: MT 3 Blade Composite
Top Speed: Classified!
Maximum G’s: +13/-13

Coolest Maneuvers: Inverted Flat Spin, Lomcevak, Double Hammerhead, Torque Roll, Avalanche, Tail Slide

Cool Video

Drift MYVIEW: Steffi Marth | A Sunny Afternoon

Have a look at German Mountainbike Queen Steffi Marth enjoying some training rides on a sunny afternoon!

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Drift HD Ghost: Wakeboard With Charlotte Bryant

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There.
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Drift are stoked to welcome UK pro wakeboarder Charlotte Bryant to the team! We met up with Charlotte at Liquid Leisure cable park to ask about her year: the ups and downs and her plans for the future.

Drift HD Ghost: FMX With Josh Sheehan

Shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost. Get Out There
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Catch Drift team rider and Red Bull X Fighter, Josh Sheehan pull out some insane FMX tricks.

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