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This isn’t the Tiny Planet effect, this is the real deal! Swipe around this breathtaking 360° VR footage to orbit the Earth with Insta360 X2 🛰️

This year, Insta360 pushed the ‘Think bold’ spirit further than ever before, launching a satellite with two Insta360 X2 cameras 500km into outer space. Now floating around our planet, they capture breathtaking 360° shots of the stars and Earth 🌎

The project began in July 2021—it took 12 months to modify the action cameras, including six months of R&D (and one year waiting due to COVID-19). Insta360 X2 can handle action and then some, but it’s safe to say it is not space-proof straight out of the box. Engineers had to modify the lens, motherboard, and more to ensure it survived the extreme climate. And we mean _extreme_. The 360° cameras must survive shuttling between temperatures of -94°F and 122°F, high radiation, and severe impact. After months of simulating similar conditions and modifying the shell with 7000 series aviation-grade aluminum and a layer of gold foil, Insta360’s pocket action cameras were ready. Insta360’s boldest idea was launched into space on January 16th, 2023.

Learn more here: https://www.insta360.com/blog/news/insta360-x2-on-space-satellite.html

📸 Shot on Insta360 X2
Big thanks to Media Storm and Spacety for making the dream a reality!

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