Alsace Freeride Academy

Alsace Freeride Academy Offer Training At All Levels

Gaining momentum and boosting the capacity of all the riders who join their ranks, there’s a whole new dynamic coursing through the veins of eastern France. With some thoroughbred world-class MTB names having be born or trained in this corner of the hexagon, the temptation is always high to refine skills daily with access the Academy on the doorstep. With the mountains in plain site of the Academy’s jump park, skinnies, and wall-ride it only encourages you to take your new found techniques to the hills and then come back to get some more…



AFA: Learn to Flow

The inauguration of an outdoor Bike-park in May 2013 marked the official start of the A. F. A.. Situated close to Mulhouse in the stunningly beautiful Upper Rhine region of France, the area is pivotal and multicultural, highlighted by the intersection of the French, German, and Swiss borders. This site will offer a vast pump-track, several freeride/slopestyle lines, a jump park, a skill center, several areas for working maneuverability and coordination, as well as a big airbag. According to the different time slots, the management will propose secure access to this evolutionary area, individual and group training courses for skills and control, and numerous events (contests, competitions, demonstrations, themed evenings … )

The project, that was created at the end of 2011, consists of a vision progressing in several steps:

  • The opening of an Indoor Bike-park based in Alsace during 2014.
  • The creation of several indoor/outdoor sites throughout France, as well as the development and production of MTB/BMX specialist bike parts in 2015.

During the progression of these three stage The Alsace Freeride Academy has the following main objectives:

  • The development of MOUNTAIN BIKING and BMX disciplines,
  • The creation of employment as the project evolves,
  • The creation of a strong regional dynamism around the AFA spots.

We’ll be with these guys during the construction and testing of the site, coordinated by a world class shaper. Look out for it coming online during spring 2013.



Man Behind The Goggles:


Disciplines: BMX and motocross and for the last several years mountain biking.

Previous Finest Moments:

  • Manager of the UCPA “Espace Glisse” in Paris (3300m2 covered skatepark – 30K visitors/year)
  • Mountain biking Freeride/DH instructor in Val d’Isère
  • BMX Coach for several clubs in Normandy


  • European Winter X Games in Tignes
  • International Festival of the Extreme Sports in Montpelier and Paris
  • World of Mountain Biking- (now part of Crankworx)
  • Working meetings with the Ministry of Sports on the establishment of the new vocational training in the field of the cycle and on the development of alternative sports practices.

Paperwork In The Back Pocket:

  • STAPS DEUG and License “Education and Motor Functions” – University of Caen
  • MASTER STAPS “Professional Sports Management and Sports Organisations” – University of Caen
  • Professional Cycling Sports Trainer (BEESAC)
  • Certified by the French cycling Federation: 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, option BMX and MOUNTAIN BIKING
  • Trained in First Aid
  • Member of the union of French Cycling Instructors (MCF)

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