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Heart rate variability (HRV) is the variation in the time intervals between heartbeats, which provides much information about the functioning of the cardiac autonomic nervous system. There are many ways that HRV can be measured, but they all rely upon accurate measurements of the interval between heartbeats, known as the beat-to-beat interval (BBI). Garmin-enhanced BBI is a powerful new way to measure BBI.

Garmin wearables that support enhanced BBI can provide data that is close to ECG quality without wearing a chest strap. BBI data can be used for many applications in digital health and digital therapeutics.

About Garmin Health: Garmin Health provides custom enterprise business solutions that leverage the Garmin extensive wearable portfolio and high-quality sensor data for applications in the corporate wellness, population health and patient monitoring markets. The Garmin Health API allows third parties to ask customers to share their data in accordance with their specific privacy policies. As part of a global company that designs, manufactures and ships products worldwide, Garmin Health supports its customers’ commerce and logistics needs, allowing enterprises to scale with a single, trusted provider. For more information, email our press team at media.relations@garmin.com, connect with us at linkedin.com/company/garmin or visit us online at garmin.com/health.

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