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Answering the call 300 to 400 times per week, team members at the #GarminResponse center in Montgomery, Texas explain how it all goes down:

• What happens AFTER the SOS button is pressed.
• How they coordinate the rescue mission from start to finish.
• What it means to answer the call for those in need.

To learn more about our professional 24/7-staffed #Garmin Response emergency response coordination center visit https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/outdoor/get-to-know-garmin-response/.

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You may venture off the grid, but with #inReach technology, you’ll have a line of communication in case of emergency. You can trigger an #SOS alert on your device — even from remote locations — and get prompt contact from Garmin Response. Trained team members are standing by to respond to your SOS, track your device and notify proper authorities and emergency responders in your area. Then, while help is on the way, the Garmin Response team will, in most cases, continue to text back and forth with you, providing updates and critical information until help arrives or you no longer need assistance.

Garmin Response (formerly the GEOS IERCC and then the Garmin IERCC) has supported more than 10,000 inReach incident responses in more than 150 countries on all seven continents, likely saving many lives in the process. The Garmin Response team maintains a global database of local first responders, enabling them to quickly reach out to the most appropriate rescue service or other resources in time-critical emergency situations. Through an inReach account, you can save emergency contacts and notes that might be helpful for an emergency response, such as a trip itinerary, medical conditions, allergies, etc. In the event of an SOS, Garmin Response will be able to view this information and reach out to your emergency contacts to inform them of your situation. You can count on the Garmin Response staff to use their experience to your advantage — and offer support in multiple languages — if you’re ever in need of emergency assistance.

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