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Every year, our cameras find their way to the most remote corners of the Earth. They capture + memorialize countless moments for professional athletes, world travelers, incredible filmmakers, + everyday heroes alike. Thank you for capturing + sharing life’s most memorable moments.

To wrap up another incredible chapter in the GoPro history books, we’ve put together a 3-minute highlight video of our family’s best surf, ski, bike, climb, BASE, travel, + so many other unique experiences from this year. See you in 2024 for the next compilation.

In order of appearance by Instagram handle: @kilianbron, @bobbybrown, @celine4174, @fredfugen, @danielricciardo, @jolenefoxfargo, @xococoho, @ianjesr, @carlweiseth, @vicbrok, @odinswissshepherd, @superfrenchieofficial, @aniolserrasolses, @elenahight, @david_rinaldo, @kaulivaast, @l.morandini, @shoeshine_shane, @redlineairshows, @jasonthejaw, @alvaropenades, @stu.telfer, @travisrice, @kickitwithkasey, @zaniac1, @malakar_jidai, @nic_no_k, @m4rtinheat, @maxhitzig, @dorosh.raw, @reme_martyr, @colby_stevenson, @gregfilms, @danielregan5, @bienvenidoaguado, @anthony_walsh_, @danejacksonkayak, @alexkyddphoto, @emhanney, @mikecoots, @willstrath, @voyagesofagape, @johannedefay, @gochiestrella, @abekislevitz, @victordevalles, @FroZoneFPV, @ridgelenny, @lukabees, @david.andreev_, @luk3_vib, @kai_lenny, @amberforte_, @lakeypeterson, @superfrenchieofficial, @bob_maddox_rocket_man, @hoffi_fpv +, @thib_magnin, @antonivilloni

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