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Welcome to the Lofoten Islands of Norway—a skiing + snowboarding gem known only to the few who dare endure the elements. GoPro Awards recipient Hensli Sage had the pleasure of following Camille Armand, Sam Favret, + Nikolai Schirmer around this Arctic playground with his GoPro FPV drone setup. The results? Hours of dream-like, relaxing landscapes that could put you in a trance. We cut it down to 3 minutes of our absolute favorite moments for you to chill + enjoy while dreaming of your next ski trip.

Gear Used:
HERO12 Black – https://GoPro.com/HERO12
Enduro Battery – https://GoPro.com/Enduro
64GB SD Card – https://GoPro.com/64SD
Dual Battery Charger + Enduro Batteries – https://GoPro.com/shop/mounts-accessories/hero10-black-dual-battery-charger-enduro-batteries/ADDBD-211-master.html

Shot 100% on GoPro: GoPro.com
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Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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