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Shot 100% on the new HD HERO2® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

GoPro presents this unique perspective into the world of surf icon Gavin Beschen. See how Gavin lives and loves his life, family and sport on the idyllic North Shore of Hawaii. Mahalo, Gavin and Marley. Thank you for sharing a little of your world with us!

A big thanks to Pete Hodgson (@HodgsonHawaii) and Larry Haynes for capturing this amazing footage.

Black Moth Super Rainbow, “Untitled Roadside Demo”
Buy in iTunes: http://goo.gl/LCIr7
Arvo Part, adapted by Vox Altera, “Magnificat”
Download at: http://www.voxaltera.com/voxaltera/homepage.html
Ukelele by Gavin Beschen

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