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Amphibious by nature + as tough as ever, #GoProHERO11 Black + Mini are rugged + waterproof right out of the box. Whether you’re caked in mud or submerged in the sea, they’re built to take a beating. The lenses are shielded by a durable, scratch-resistant, + replaceable cover that adds extra protection + peace of mind.

If you’re diving deeper than 33ft, check out the Protective Housing that increases #GoProHERO11 Black’s waterproofness to 196ft (60m).

Headed through the gauntlet? HERO11 Black Mini’s battle-hardened outer shell + low profile mounting options make it even more impervious to the elements.

Save $150 when you bundle #GoProHERO11 Black with a GoPro Subscription, exclusively at https://GoPro.com

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HERO11 Black Creator Edition: https://GoPro.com/CreatorEdition

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“POWER (Chant Instrumental)”

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