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Hop onboard Denmark’s Sail GP boat with HERO11 Black to witness the synergy of Mother Nature’s power + modern engineering’s marvels. This adrenaline fueled sport travels the world as rival teams compete across a variety of iconic venues. These F50 boats are elevated off the water by carbon fiber foils, which allow them to reach speeds of over 60mph (97kmh). We hope you brought a raincoat…

Gear Used:
HERO11 Black: https://GoPro.com/HERO11Black
Enduro Battery: https://GoPro.com/shop/mounts-accessories/enduro-extended-cold-weather-battery/ADBAT-011.html
Adhesive Mounts: https://GoPro.com/shop/mounts-accessories/curved-plus-flat-adhesive-mounts/AACFT-001.html
Suction Cup: https://GoPro.com/shop/mounts-accessories/suction-cup/AUCMT-302.html

Shot 100% on GoPro: https://bit.ly/3ULc8Ey
Get stoked and subscribe: http://goo.gl/HgVXpQ

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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