In this third episode, Travis and longtime partner-in-crime Mark Landvik push the boundaries of the Japanese Alps on huge pillow lines as they chase the notoriously deep powder of this supernatural country. Mark’s sense of humor shines brightly bringing out the lighter side of Travis – and unveils a friendship built on decades of missions in the backcountry.

Playful moments between Travis and Mark are juxtaposed with dicey terrain during their ongoing chase to find the perfect storm.

Stay tuned for the last and final episode, Ep. 4 ALASKA: The Reciprocal Loop, dropping on Tuesday, November 1.

Where to buy “The Fourh Phase:”
The film is now available for purchase here:http://radi.al/TheFourthPhase.

About the series:
GoPro presents a four-part series – ‘GoPro Perspectives: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice’ – which lends an intimate view of what it’s like to be Travis Rice, as he drops in on some of the world’s biggest lines during the filming of this multi-year production.

Tap into Travis’ mindset, through the perspective of his helmet-mounted GoPro, to understand the skill and calculation essential to getting the shot and staying safe in the backcountry.

At its core, this series highlights some thrilling action from “The Fourth Phase,” but also the deep bonds between Travis and his friends Eric Jackson, Mark Landvik, Bryan Iguchi, Victor de Le Rue, and more.

Each episode begins with a raw, personal and intimate moment from the mountain, that could only be captured with a GoPro camera. GoPro’s entertainment team searched through over two-years of the best GoPro content that was collected during this multi-year project with Red Bull Media House, to bring you this incredible story.

Shot 100% on the GOPRO camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

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William Ryan Fritch “Impending II”

Hounded “Jungle”

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